Basic Wedding Videography Tricks for Amateurs in Houston, TX

How to Film a Wedding for Beginners?

Wedding Videographer14Filming a wedding is a piece of cake, dress, according to people who have a camera phone or DSLR cameras. The truth is, wedding videography requires the shooter to be focus in shooting a video for 6 to 8 hours of coverage. If you are new to this kind of stuff, you need to know the basics of capturing the best wedding video for your clients. So, here are some wedding videography tips for amateurs in Houston, TX to help you get the best footage you can that will be edited into awesome videos.

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot

Wedding celebration is only for one day. Videographers are hired to capture the romantic moments of the day through the camera’s lens. Unfortunately, there is no time for the videographer to take a break. The wedding videographers responsibility is to get footages as kind as possible. More footages captured also means more stuff to edit, and you can produce a better video.

Prepare a Battery Charger

Pack your wedding videography equipment the night before the wedding. Make sure to charge all the batteries needed for wedding filming. On the day of the wedding, search for a secluded area where you can charge your batteries in case of emergency. Make sure to ask the venue coordinator that you are leaving your batteries there for charging. Recharge the dead batteries if you could make a chance, like in between breaks.

Edit While You Shoot

You need to keep in mind what exactly you want to make. While shooting the wedding, you have to think of the outcome at the same time. The best way to produce a wedding video successfully is to come organized and prepared with a plan. You can master wedding videography in Houston, TX with this idea.

Shoot Interviews

If you think you have the time, then try to shoot interviews of the bridal party, the parents of the couple and their wishes to the newlyweds. The newlyweds will have a great time to watch the video for the next years of their married life. The kind words of from friends and family who were there that day will be appreciated the most.

Act Professional

One of the qualities of a professional wedding videographer is to work unobtrusively. You don’t want to be in anyone’s way when capturing the couple’s first wedding kiss. Most of the wedding videographers nowadays get new customers through word of mouth, from their previous customers. If you want to amaze them, act professional and work professionally.

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